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This site is dedicated to existing legal acts and statutory regulations restricting the use of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs in certain paints and lacquers used in the industry, in particular in CAR REFINISH.


This site and its contents cannot be treated as an official interpretation of the Laws and Regulations. It is a tool to understand the content of their records.


We emphasize that the authority for legal interpretation of the records of Laws and Regulations is the Ministry issuing such Act or Ordinance.


We are the transactor closely related to the Laws and Regulations concerning restrictions on VOCs of paints and lacquers, therefore we want to share our knowledge with others on the market. However we make a reservation for their wrong interpretation or for any content received from our respondents.


Our goal is to induce each visitor of the page to share their knowledge in this area and pass it to the others, so all of us will be fully aware of statutory changes that have occurred in our country.


The message of this site is the old maxim "The more you know, the better for you"