Clearcoat VHS SPEED 960

Clearcoat VHS SPEED 960 is a two-component clearcoat with a very high solids content, with a curing time reduced by half compared to traditional clearcoats. This varnish is characterized by a low content of volatile organic compounds, thanks to which it was classified in the VOC category <420 g / l. It has a very high resistance to UV rays and weather conditions. It has an excellent gloss, excellent flow, which guarantees an excellent appearance of the painted surface within a short hardening time of the varnish layer.

Mixing ratio:
2 : 1 + 0 – 5%

1,5 layers
2-2,5 bar
ø 1.3 -1.4 mm

Flash off between layers:
8-10 minutes

Operating hardeness:
3-4 h – 20°C
15 min – 50°C