Clearcoat CAR

This clearcoat is characterized by very good flow, resistance to UV rays and weather conditions. It is characterized by a good gloss and great ease of application. It polishes perfectly and is dedicated to customers who value quick repairs. Its reduced gloss adjusts to the gloss of old and worn paints so that the newly applied layer does not differ from the old paint coating.


It belongs to the group of quick clearcoats, therefore, when covering large surfaces, it is recommended to use a standard or slow hardener and a slow acrylic thinner. It is an excellent economic solution, because it has a low price and belongs to the group of ECONOMY products.
Mixing ratio:
2 : 1 + 0 – 5%

2 layers
2 – 2,5 bar
ø 1.3 – 1.4 mm



Flash off between layers:
10 – 12 minutes


Operating hardeness:
14 h – 20°C
45 min – 50°C