Thinners and removers

Universal thinner

Universal thinner is a special mixture of organic solvents for diluting paints, acrylic varnishes and polyurethane varnishes. It can be used with basecoats (metallic, pearl and non-metallic).

It comes in three versions:
  • standard
  • rapid
  • slow
Depending on the prevailing temperature and the size of the repaired element, it is recommended to use an appropriate type of thinner.


> 28 ° C
Specially selected solvents allow for a perfect application of a base coat layer on the surface in rooms with high temperatures. The solvent does not evaporate on the way between the gun nozzle and the painted surface, preventing the so-called “Dusting” the varnish.


10°C – 28°C

Universal thinner version used under standard temperature conditions.


> 10 ° C
Rapid universal thinner – use in rooms where the temperature does not exceed 10 ° C. Thanks to the use of a quick thinner, the layer of applied varnish dries faster due to faster evaporation of solvents at lower temperatures.