Thinners and removers

Acrylic thinner

A mixture of properly selected organic solvents for diluting high-quality acrylic and polyurethane varnishes.
It comes in three versions:
  • standard
  • rapid
  • slow
Depending on the prevailing temperature and the size of the repaired element, it is recommended to use an appropriate type of thinner.
More information in the product technical sheet.



It is recommended to use the SLOW version of the acrylic thinner at ambient temperatures above 28 ° C in order to slow down the evaporation of this mixture and achieve the effect of a smooth and poured surface. SLOW acrylic thinner does not slow down the hardening time of the surface, but it has an influence on obtaining its smoothness caused by longer evaporation time of the thinner in the sprayed mixture. It can evaporate longer on the way from the gun nozzle to the painted surface.



A version of the acrylic thinner used under standard temperature conditions.



FAST acrylic thinner – use in rooms where the temperature does not exceed 10 ° C. Thanks to the use of a quick thinner, the layer of the applied varnish dries faster due to faster evaporation of solvents at lower temperatures.