Thinners and removers

Basecoat thinner

A mixture of properly selected organic solvents used for diluting basecoats with metallic, non-metallic and pearl effect. It is fully compatible with all basecoats in our market. Specially selected solvents allow proper application of basecoat layer with correct orientation of aluminium flakes before the complete evaporation.

It comes in three versions:
  • standard
  • slow
Depending on the prevailing temperature and the size of the repaired element, it is recommended to use an appropriate type of thinner.
More information in the product technical sheet.


> 28°C
large areas
(e.g. industrial)

Specially selected solvents allow for perfect applying a base coat layer to the surface in rooms with high temperatures. The solvent does not evaporate on the way between the nozzle gun and the painted surface, preventing the so-called “Dusting” the varnish.


≤ 28 ° C

The composition of appropriate solvents allows for spraying of base varnish on body partsm automotive at temperatures up to 28 ° C.